Final days in the Ciliwung river communities

We have spent the rest of our time since the pre-opening adding a roof to the stage and making some minor improvements. We also asked both children and adults from all the kampungs to contribute shapes to a long banner made from the same material used for the roof, which we wrapped around the handrail of the stage. We also found some time for some sightseeing in Jakarta, including the large art space run by Ruangrupa in south Jakarta.

Our final event was a presentation with our partners, the Rujak Center for Urban studies. We talked about the theory behind the project, the process, the result and had a Q&A session.

On Monday we said farewell to our hosts in the Lodan, Kerapu and Tongkol kampungs. We have had an astonishing adventure with the residents of the Ciliwung river communities. Their involvement and interest in us and in what we were doing has made the project a great success. It has been a true collaboration. To stimulate the next stage of the project we presented our partners with a large toolbox full of useful things. We are of course very curious what they will produce with these.

Thank you to the residents of Tongkol, Kerapu and Lodan. We will remember our time with you fondly and look forward to visiting again in the future!

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