Stage number two – Penjaringan kampung

We have spent a day away from Tongkol and Kerapu working on our second site in Penjaringan kampung, also in north Jakarta.

Last week we met with Trotoart, our partners in the area, to discuss our plans. We proposed building a small raised stage/viewing platform. This would be light enough to be moved around by a team of people, while being stable enough for small groups of people to stand or sit on. It could for example be used to watch football games being played on the field where we constructed it or as a secluded place for young people to hang out. Or it could be used as a stage for theatre performances or music.

The stage was constructed in just one day using only recycled materials purchased from local traders. Together with a large team of hard-working volunteers we worked all day to complete it. The plan is that the stage may be used for a karaoke competition during a festival in January, which would include a live video link with the stage we have built between Tongkol and Kerapu kampungs.

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