Construction begins

The first step in construction was to visit the local steel factory to order the steelwork that will support the stage. The friendly manager there was very interested in our project and offered a very good price since it is for a community project. Construction could also start immediately.

Many people from the neighbourhood have offered to help, both with their expertise and with construction itself. While we waited for the steel we began digging holes next to the retaining wall of the river to mount large bolts to hold the stage in place. These were concreted in place, once again with plenty of local help.

On Wednesday we bought wood for the stage surface. This was supplied by a local timber merchant and was brought to the working site by wooden cart and by the small local ferry build and run by the local community.

On Thursday we visited Penjaringan kampung again to plan the project we will carry out there next week. We were able to visit a number of suppliers of recycled materials.

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